National Ballet of Ukraine at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

National Ballet of Ukraine Tickets

Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium | Edmonton, Alberta

National Ballet of Ukraine

Hopes will rise, and faiths will be strengthened. This is the goal of the National Ballet of Ukraine as, once again, they take their art and story to the world stage this 2024 through its "Nadyia Ukraine" Tour. Internationally dubbed the "Hope Tour," the show will tour across Canada to showcase what Ukrainian ballet is all about. As part of their cross-country tour, the famous ballet ensemble will perform at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on February 9, 2024. This is the first time for the company to perform in Canada since 2018, and audiences are assured that they will bring out their A-game. Join hundreds of ballet enthusiasts in a night filled with jaw-dropping ballet performances that integrate classic, contemporary, and Ukrainian folk dances. This is a show you haven't seen before. Part of the tour's proceeds will help raise money to help those in the war-torn country. So be sure to support this world-class show this February. Secure your tickets now by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

Ballet in the modern world blends tradition and contemporary styles that continue to captivate people. Nevertheless, there are aspects of the art form that are timeless, considering the evolution it has gone through. Dancers still follow fundamental techniques and remain graceful, similar to the way it was centuries ago. The essence of ballet as a dance and a language of movement prevails, whether the performance is classic or contemporary. The beauty of dance is unlike any other when it comes to ballet.

Among the world's premiere ballet companies is the National Ballet of Ukraine under the Taras Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine. It has a long history that goes back to the 1800s and was established in 1867. In its early years, the company performed folk performances, which would turn into large ballet productions at the turn of the century. As classical ballet became popular in the 1900s, the company also adapted its productions since the city of Kyiv became an epicenter of the dance revolution. During the world wars, the ballet scene evolved once more in Kyiv due to performers from West European countries taking refuge in the country. Among the most notable was Bronislava Nijinska, who taught a modernist approach to ballet. Her style was incredibly influential and spawned the greatest names in the ballet scene, such as Serge Lifar, who went on to become one of the greatest ballet performers of the 20th century. During the 60s, the company started to perform internationally, which was solidified as Ukraine earned independence in the 90s.

Before the war in Ukraine, the company staged multiple productions. Today, they have to look at the circumstances to see if they can continue performing in their city. Nonetheless, the events occurring in their country have pushed them to tour around the world, making sure their company and the struggles their country is experiencing will be remembered.

The National Ballet of Ukraine will tour in North America, performing excerpts from classics and contemporary stories like "Le Corsaire" and "Don Quixote." Among the cities they will visit is Edmonton, Alberta, wherein they will perform at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on February 9, 2024. See you there!

National Ballet of Ukraine at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

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