Mean Girls at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Mean Girls Tickets

Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium | Edmonton, Alberta

For an evening of innovative entertainment, purchase your seats for Mean Girls at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium immediately! Sunday 14th January 2024 is the date you need to save in your calendar for a time of gossip, comedy and authentic songs. Places are in excessive demand, so grab yours while you can. Mean Girls will whack your mind with its narrative of disloyalty, popular culture references, humour and ‘biatch’-ing social critique as a fresh girl goes into the universe of secular education. Do not skip out on your opportunity to experience Mean Girls and be riveted by Girl World. Secure your spots for Sunday 14th January 2024 at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and be enthralled by Mean Girls.

Who is the fiercest of them all? The Mean Girls are back! They're what you may call a nightmare dressed like a daydream, but they're the gals whom one can learn from some life lessons on friendship, loyalty, women empowerment, and being true to one's self. You may have first met them way back in 2004 on the silver screen. A blockbuster teen flick that is now listed as a cult-classic. Thirteen years later, the "Mean Girls" have returned and are scaling new heights-- the musical stage. Writer Tina Fey has assembled an award-winning creative team composed of director Casey Nicholaw (Aladdin, The Book of Mormon), composer Jeff Richmond (“30 Rock,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), and lyricist Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde). Together, they brought "Mean Girls" back as it premiered on the theatre stage in October 2017, and on Broadway in April 2018. Experience this musical spectacle from top to bottom. If you loved the movie, this musical production is totally 'fetch'! Click the 'buy tickets' link on this site to get tickets. Don't miss Mean Girls on Sunday 14th January 2024 here at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta

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