Mean Girls at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Mean Girls Tickets

Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium | Edmonton, Alberta

Who runs the world in musical theatre? Girls...not just ordinary girls, but "Mean Girls"! Based on the book and the 2004 eponymous film written by Tina Fey, comes "Mean Girls" the musical. This a marvelous musical takes one on a trip to highschool where the queen bees were at the top of the food chain preying on the nerds, the newbies, and everyone in between. Now, who would come to the rescue? Find out and be part of the fun and the riot as "Mean Girls" take over the stage of the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton on Saturday 13th January 2024. Attendance is a must! The more, the merrier; book you and your gang's tickets now!

If girls just wanna have fun, then it'll be a rollicking riot with the "Mean Girls". Mean Girls the stage musical will be staged at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta on Saturday 13th January 2024. Mean Girls was a top-grossing movie in 2004, written by Tina Fey. It developed a cult following until it blew into a pop culture phenomenon worldwide. The evolution of this blockbuster film into a musical play was inevitable. A brilliant creative team composed of director Casey Nicholaw, composers Jeff Richmond and Nell Benjamin, and of course, book writer, Tina Fey put their heads together and brought "Mean Girls" back to life, this time on a massive theatre stage. Mean Girls the musical premiered in October 2017, then opened on the Broadway stage in April 2018. This is more than just a high school musical, it's a cool musical where you and your high school cafeteria BFFs will exchange a lot of high fives and laugh-out-loud moments. Bring the whole gang, but first, get those bunch of tickets right here, right now!

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